Wings of the Future, the new mission of Aviation Sans Frontières


Aviation Sans Frontières, with Arseaa, launches Les Ailes de l'Avenir, a school project for socially priority young people.

Building an aircraft in a Nynja ULM kit in 7 months and flying it: this will be the objective of the participants of the new Aviation Sans Frontières project, Les Ailes de l'Avenir. They will be twenty-four young women and men aged 15 to 29 and from a priority district of the city or a rural area to be revitalized. The application process is also open to young people with disabilities.


A concrete challenge and a unique collective adventure

From a kit designed by Sup'Aero Toulouse students, participants will alternate theoretical training sessions and workshop periods. At the end of these months of work, there will be a great reward for young aeronautical apprentices: flying aboard their aircraft and, for those who wish, acquire the first notions of piloting.

Once its construction is complete, the aircraft will perform its flight hours for the benefit of aviation Sans Frontières' social missions. This act of solidarity will create a real virtuous circle, from the training of socially isolated young people to the populations benefiting from Aviation Sans Frontières' missions in France.


An essential social mission

At the heart of the Les Ailes de l'Avenir project is above all a social concern that originated in 1993. Under the impetus of Gérard Feldzer, then president of the Aéro-Club de France and now president of Aviation Sans Frontières, a similar project allowed young people from priority urban areas to participate in the construction of aircraft, in the heart of cities.

After introducing young people in social isolation and people with disabilities to the aviation industry through our Les Ailes du Sourire and e-Aviation operations, we now want to go further. With Les Ailes de l'Avenir, Aviation Sans Frontières wants to contribute to the development of territories through the training of young people in difficulty.

Les Ailes de l'avenir décollent

With this in mind, Aviation Sans Frontières is joined by Arseaa, an association specializing in training, integration and social action. As part of the Les Ailes de l'Avenir operation, Arseaa will make its CFAS Occitanie Ouest training centre available to apprentices.

Our trainers practicing aeronautics will therefore transmit their know-how to the participants of the operation and this, in all the fields involved in the construction of an aircraft: mechanics, electricity, metallurgy and many others!

We want to enable the apprentices of the Ailes de l'Avenir to find, or find their way back into the professional world, by directly integrating a local company or by following a training course towards another diploma. By reconnecting with the issues of citizenship and social integration, we hope that these moments of exchange will allow participants to regain their self-esteem and self-confidence.

Through tutoring, training and professional integration, we want to provide education in line with the job market, especially in the Toulouse region. Whether apprentices choose to pursue their careers in the aeronautics sector or in another environment, Les Ailes de l'Avenir aims above all to make them discover various fields of activity, to fully integrate them into local professional life.

In the coming weeks, the Les Ailes de l'Avenir project will continue to be implemented in Toulouse, thanks to the work of our volunteers. More than ever, your support is essential to us to be able to carry out and perpetuate this mission...

Mathilde Piqué

ulm en vol
This first school project has been so successful that a second microlight has already been in preparation since September with a new group of young people.