To Aviation Sans Frontières 

Donate punctually

Would you like to support the actions of Aviation Sans Frontières? You can make a one-time donation up to your means. This donation can be allocated to a specific mission or all of our actions.    

Together, we will transport medicines, food supplements, emergency aid, powdered milk, humanitarian personnel, medical teams, etc. to areas that are difficult to access and where only we can land.  

We also help our youth in France with three ambitious projects. Les Ailes de l'Avenir and e-Aviation help young people often in difficulty to find their professional path. And Les Ailes du Sourire which offers discovery days to disabled people all over France.  

Make an online donation by credit card.  

If you wish to make your donation online, please go to our online donation form

Online donations have many advantages. Indeed, the transaction is secure. Simple and ecological, it also allows a significant reduction in collection and postage costs.  

If you are taxable, 66% of your donation is deductible from your income tax up to 20% of your taxable income. 

Donate with PayPal  

To make an online donation with PayPal, go to our online donation form.  

Paypal allows you to donate without having to enter your credit card information. A simple connection to your email address and password is enough.  

If you are taxable, 66% of your donation is deductible from your income tax up to 20% of your taxable income.  

Donate by cheque  

You can also donate by cheque made out to Aviation Sans Frontières, whether or not it is for a mission.   

Send your cheque to the following address.  

Aviation Sans Frontières 

Orly Freight 768 

94 398 Orly Aérogare Cedex 

As soon as we receive and register your cheque, you will receive your tax receipt by post.  

Donate by mobilising your friends and family  

Collecting donations is an effective way to support Aviation Sans Frontières by mobilising your friends and family. You can use social networks or websites dedicated to fundraising campaigns. 

Facebook, for example, allows you to create a fundraising campaign. Instagram offers the possibility to make a story allowing you to collect money thanks to the donation sticker. Finally, there are sites dedicated to crowdfunding campaigns that allow you to collect funds.  

Claude Giraud et la messagerie médicale, lait, matériel médical...
mission avion mécanique
anggun madagascar
Embarquement avec les Ailes du sourire

The regular donation

The direct debit donation has become a particularly interesting tool for associations due to its simplicity and donors. It allows a long-term commitment to the association. You are free to modify or interrupt your regular support at any time by simply writing to Aviation Sans Frontières.  


What are the advantages for the associations and the donors?    

A recurring donation allows our association to better plan the budgets for our actions from year to year, to anticipate the missions we can launch and the number of beneficiaries we can help.  A regular donation allows us to have more visibility and to make our programmes more sustainable.  It also makes it easier to manage the donations we receive and therefore saves on our management costs.   

Why choose monthly direct debit?   

As a donor, you have several advantages in donating by direct debit. Your regular donation facilitates your daily commitment: no need to think about it anymore!  You will receive a single tax receipt for all donations made during the year. In addition, you can suspend or stop your donations with a simple call or e-mail.   

How to set up a regular donation?  

You can set up a regular donation by choosing the option "I give every month" in the online donation form. You will then need to fill in your contact details and then, for payment, fill in the IBAN and BIC fields with the bank details specified on your bank statement (RIB).