Lives saved on the horizon ... what if that was your greatest mission?  


What is a legacy? A bequest is a particularly generous form of support that associates your name with our missions in a lasting way to help future generations, those who will need it most. A bequest makes it possible to organize one's estate by will by transmitting all or part of one's assets to an association, subject to the rights of one's heirs. Since the will only take effect at your death, you remain the sole owner and can change or cancel it at any time.   

What assets are involved? Movable goods (money, stocks, or bonds, etc.) or real property (house, apartment, etc.) or a life insurance policy, copyrights, etc.  

Taxation. Our association is recognized as a public utility. As such, the legacies we receive are exempt from inheritance tax.    



A donation is a notarized deed that allows you to support Aviation Sans Frontières during your lifetime by transferring to our NGO the income or the property of an asset.   

What kind of property can be donated? Real estate (house, apartment, land, business premises, etc.), as well as personal property (money, bonds, treasury bills, furniture, works of art, copyright, jewelry, etc.)  

Taxation Your donation to Aviation Sans Frontières is exempt from notary fees. You can also deduct 66% of the value of the donated property from your income tax within a limit of 20% of your taxable income. The excess can be carried forward for five years.  


Life insurance  

Life insurance is a simple and flexible way to continue your commitment to Aviation Sans Frontières in the future. It does not require the intervention of a notary. It is a "just in case" savings vehicle and a great way to pass on your assets in the event of your death. This contract would allow us to benefit from the capital you have built up. When choosing the beneficiary or beneficiaries of the agreement, all you must do is to mention our association.   

Taxation The capital transmitted to our association is exempt from inheritance tax because we are officially a public utility. If your contract comes to an end during your lifetime and you receive an annuity, the latter is subject to income tax for only a fraction of its amount. This amount is determined according to your age when the annuity is paid. 

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