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Become a pioneer in employee generosity 

Offer product-sharing to become a citizen brand   

By buying a branded product, each consumer gives meaning to the purchase and becomes a "consom'actor". Your company is committed and becomes a citizen brand.   

An example :   

In 2015, Globaeroshop, a reference store in aviation, asked Aviation Sans Frontières to carry out the product sharing operation called "solidarity pilots". With Globaeroshop, 1 aeronautical card purchased = 1 donation for Aviation Without Borders! 

Implement rounding at checkout and on bills and raise awareness among consumers and your suppliers   

Since 2013, rounding up at the checkout allows clients of retail chains to pay for their purchases to the next higher rounding from the amount announced at the checkout. The excess cents are then transferred to the organization of their choice.   

Suggest to your suppliers and partners that they round up their invoices to the nearest euro and donate a few cents to Aviation Without Borders. If you wish, you can add a few extra euros to their donations.   


Involve your regional teams and customers   

Are you locally based, or do you have subsidiaries in the regions?   

Reinforce your image of proximity with your customers and partners. Support our delegations and branches in France that organize the "Ailes du Sourire" and "e-Aviation" days or our other missions that can also be the object of a decentralized partnership.   

An example :  

In Toulouse, Airbus Group has been cooperating for many years with Aviation Sans Frontières Midi-Pyrénées for Humanitarian Freight missions. 

Let's communicate with your employees   

We commit ourselves to send you regular visuals and information about the project advancement you support to promote your approach on your internal communication media.   

We offer to involve staff members in the implementation of the project you support.   

We invite your teams to visit the sites where the project is carried out and participate in official events: annual gala dinner, conferences, festive occasions, etc.   

With your teams, we organize the official signing of the partnership with your President and your employees.   

Let's spread the word about your commitment to the media   

We issue a joint press release presenting our partnership, with a verbatim statement from your presidency.   

When we work with the French and international media to publish articles or reports on shared topics, we commit to highlighting our partnership.   

We offer your company the opportunity to use the Aviation Sans Frontières logo and mention the details of our partnership in your media.   

Let's give visibility to your brand   

 Your company's logo appears on our different communication supports:   

On our website   

We relay our partnership in our news. Your company's logo is present on the home page of our website and the page dedicated to our partners, accompanied by a presentation text, a link to your website, and a description of our partnership.   

On our social networks   

We announce our partnership on our social networks (Facebook and Twitter) and share all information about the project.   

On our activity report   

Your logo appears for participation equal or superior to 5000€.