of Aviation Sans Frontières 

Skills-based sponsorship 

Mobilize your employees through skills-based sponsorship 

Offer them to devote one or more days of work to Aviation Sans Frontières so that they can make their expertise available to us.   

60% of the salary cost of employees working for the sponsorship is deductible from the corporate tax (within the limit of 0.5% of the annual turnover excluding tax).   

An example of successful sponsorship :   

Since 2015, Orange has offered its employees the opportunity to devote 50% of their working time to Aviation Sans Frontières. So far, six skill-based sponsorships have contributed for three years to the search for partners, the definition of new projects, and their implementation.   


Portrait d'Alain, en mécénat de compétences

Portrait d'Alain

In sponsorship of Orange skills

Mission non-voyants Cameroun

Financial sponsorship  

You can financially support one of our missions to anchor your company's values. To do so, send us a financial donation indicating the mission you wish to support. By supporting Aviation Sans Frontières, you benefit from a deduction of up to 60% of your donation from your corporate tax (within the limit of 0.5% of your annual turnover excluding tax).  

An example :  

In 2014, the CNP Assurances Corporate Foundation funded our project "Improving access to education for visually impaired youth in Cameroon". Thanks to this support, Aviation Sans Frontières was able to send adapted equipment to Cameroon to improve the quality of the education provided to 50 blind and visually impaired children (Perkins machines for writing Braille, computers, cubarithms...) 


Example of partnerships with Aviation Sans Frontières

  • Financial or in-kind donations 
  • Sponsorship of skills (more information
  • Share product 
  • Solidarity purchase (branded objects for your corporate gifts or greeting cards) 
  • Organization of events with your employees 

Do you have other suggestions, concrete ideas? We will gladly consider all the possibilities with you and the form that our counterpart will take: an announcement on our website, for example, or on our Facebook wall, or in our quarterly magazine. 

Corporate sponsorship 

Companies subject to income tax or corporate tax can also benefit from a tax reduction equal to 60% of the donation amount up to a limit of 0.5% of annual turnover. 

What is patronage for tax purposes?