Transport soignants


Aircraft took off every day so that medical personnel could reach health facilities in need of assistance quickly and free of charge.

During the worst period of the Covid-19 crisis, transportation was a crucial issue in overcoming the emergence.   

Indeed, right from the start of the epidemic, a disparity emerged from one region to another: the Grand Est, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Hauts-de-France, and Île-de-France had a large number of patients, while other areas were less affected. Resources do not always go to the right place at the right time. Air France hardly flies anymore, trains and cars have become random means of travel.  


We had a decisive role in mobilising the aviation community to deliver medical personnel and small medical equipment quickly and on-demand

We had a decisive role in mobilising the aviation community to deliver medical personnel and small medical equipment quickly and on-demand, thereby relieving the burden on the structures in crisis. 

The immediate response was an unprecedented success: 70 business jets lent by 24 operators or owners, 600 professional pilots who volunteered, 50 airfields mobilised throughout the country. A community that is not limited to those who have aircraft or pilots. Total Aviation and Air BP provide the fuel for the missions free of charge, and Wingly, the co-piloting platform, is responsible for developing the necessary IT tools. 

In practice, each flight request comes from the medical institutions, which define the purpose of the request: the number and quality of people on board, the destination, the degree of urgency, etc. It is then up to the medical team to decide whether or not to send the request.  It is then up to the Aviation Without Borders Missions team to search the database for the ideal pilot/aircraft pairing and prepare all the technical aspects of the mission.  

With our 40 years of experience in humanitarian crisis management, we have collectively succeeded in an adventure of solidarity and empathy. 

Together, we were able to alleviate the hardship of these admirable health workers, thus improving the care of the sick. Together, we have contributed to saving lives. 

Thank you to all the players in the aviation world: Wingly, Jet Solidaire, Dassault Aviation, Air Affaires, Daher, Total, Air BP, Jetfly, ITS Group, Valljet, Aeroflight, Apache Aviation, DGAC, Aopa France, Isae Supaero, EBAA, GIFAS, Klinzing, Airways College, Aviation et Pilote, Aerobuzz, and BNP Paribas.