Fête de l'aviation à Arras- Aérodrome de Roclincourt

ARRAS Air Festival 2022

Fête de l'air à Arras

The Rotary-themed Aviation Family Day is back after a three-year hiatus.

It will take place in partnership with the five clubs of the aerodrome, on the theme of the 40s and 50s.

The funds collected will be donated to the associations Les Blouses roses, les Couettes du cœur, Aviation sans frontières.

la voix du Nord  -  L'Observateur

A first assessment of this day on the aerodrome of Arras for "a plane in my city" sponsored by the Rotary Club in a very family atmosphere. 

We had few visits, the absence of the flight simulator is certainly the cause. Satisfactions rated ASF

Patrick Galij, active in Aviation sans Frontières in the region, both for "the wings of the smile" and for "the wings of the future". Patrick has been very present with the Rotary Club so that we are one of the 3 associations to which the profits will be donated.